[mc] FaQ

The Moral Courage Project


Sharing moments of Moral Courage matter today more than ever. Our youth live in world of digital and mobile phones.

Youth and young professionals, Generation Z, need to see real world examples of moral courage. It is this courage that will inspire them to engage, educate and act so they too can choose to take the road less traveled.

Willingly or unwilling, heroes among us demonstrate MORAL COURAGE MOMENTS.

They decided not to accept the status quo.

They committed themselves to a higher purpose that is larger than just themselves.

By inspiring others, they move us all forward.


MORAL COURAGE - a.k.a. [MC] can manifest itself in many forms.

Unfortunately, too many [MC] moments go unseen in the white noise of social media.

When this happens, the learning opportunity is lost.

Our most important stories of our real world superheroes are not reaching Gen-Z.

We live in a time where every person in the world struggles to determine what is real and what is not.

It is clear for our moral courage heroes to be heard, a next generation community platform is needed to amplify these important individuals efforts. We need to use these heroes as the living example that moral courage matters and can inspire us all to think bigger.

The Moral Courage [MC] Project is a:

Sustainable Platform

[MC] combines education, fundraising, and commerce to create sustainability for the smallest organization of an individual, to the leading non-profit organizations who exist to educate youth to realize their full potential.

Curated Community

[MC] is a digital amplification network, a new model for connecting the ideals of impact with the desire for economic sustainability.

Digital Amplifier

[MC] is a social impact platform that was developed to break through the white noise by using the power of super influencers such as athletes, musicians, CEO’s, and world leaders to lend their digital voice for good.

Global Campaign

[MC] will never end and is designed to highlight the next Moral Courage Moment. [MC] insures the opportunity for youth to be inspired and educated is not lost because it was never heard. [MC] is a new way to connect up our world to improve the planet.


Open To All

[MC] is equality opportunity. We are blind to gender, race, politics, and narrowly focuses on one core idea - identify, capturing, and sharing the stories that will foster the next young person to inspire, educate, and empower Gen Z to take action by creating their own Moral Courage Moment.

[MC] Mission

[MC] Empowers Gen Z to find their voice, build skills, to create their own moral courage moment.

“Real World” JUstice League

No one person can inspire our planet. Instead, we are creating a real world super hero led “justice league” by bringing together the worlds most amazing humans who have demonstrated moral courage to inspire youth to live a life of moral courage.

By recognizing an individual who exemplify [MC], we use the power of our community to support and amplify their [MC] mission to impact the world.

We amplify our [MC] heroes by giving them a digital superpower.

Each [MC] partner is give a free digital education platform they can use for their own organization to

increase awareness

recruit supporters

inform & educate


Our [MC] uses our collective community to help them to better identify and foster the next young person to join them on their journey to do well and do good.

Each of our featured [MC] is given the digital “mic” and the opportunity to easily collaborate with our growing network of social media influencers.

We give our heroes the ability to connect to digital influencers and ambassadors who can accelerate their [MC] mission to impact youth.

What is The Moral Courage Alliance?

We are a digital collaboration of like minded organizations and individuals who are working together to build a digital global academy to empower our youth.

We seek to empower the next generation of journalists, actors, artist, athletes, and everyday citizens to actively protect our freedom by amplifying existing and creating new acts of moral courage.

If the United Nations started today, and created a powerful new digital social media alliance so they could offer a global university to inspire, engage, empower, and activate our future leaders … we think they would create [MC] Alliance.

Who founded the [MC]Alliance?

Founding Partners



Foley Foundation

200 Women

Clooney Justice Foundation

Why JOin OUr Alliance?

Our founding [MC] Alliance Partners get access to a free digital education and fundraising platform that offers robust education on the topics that inspire moral courage and equip young people to exercise moral courage in a safe, effective, and impactful way.

Each founding partner is invited to contribute their own youth curriculum to our growing library which includes:

  • Journalist Safety

    • Learning how to be safe in domestic and global conflict journalism

  • Courtroom Observation

    • Global Guide for Observing and Reporting on Trials

  • Civic Journalism

    • Local Reporting & Storytelling

  • Digital Media Skills Academy

    • Learning the creators toolbox

  • New Digital Media Business Launch

    • Building A Blog

    • Becoming A YouTuber

    • Podcaster

What does each Partner foundation receive?

By participating, each partner can use their own digital academy to

  • Raise more money to fund their operations

  • Measure impact in youth educated and minutes knowledge consumed

  • Engage with K-12 schools to offer projects and enrichment opportunities

  • Increase the [MC] foundation awareness through the power of our [MC] Alliance Network

  • Scale youth impact using a global digital education delivery system

  • Increase the value of ambassadors and advocates to use social media to promote their organization

How Does it Work?

Z-School is a non-profit 501c3 that

  • Builds digital content and curriculum

  • Creates and execute social media strategy with MC ambassadors and youth

  • Builds sponsorship and fundraising packages a foundation can use with donors.

eThree is a digital tech + agency

  • Power each partners digital platform

    • Digital Academy

    • Tech

    • Fundraising

    • Social Media

  • Manage social media marketing and fundraising for each partner

  • Find new ways to use mobile phones to enhance education and increase partner impact

How Will Gen-Z hear about it?

Each participating organization at launch is given a full branded marketing campaign.

  • We empower each partners leading ambassadors to share their foundations on social media with links from Twitter, FB, Snapchat, and YouTube

  • Our primary launch will be with our social media influencers. We will then amplify our [MC] with our strategic media partners.

How does the Alliance fund itself?

A portion of all digital funds raised goes to support

  • Digital Platform

  • Curriculum Creation

  • Student Content Teams @ Universities / K12

Does the Alliance Sell products?

Inspired by the tremendous success of (RED) which combines corporations, products, and non-profits, [MC] will offer initially digital products and services designed to empower youth.

Moral Courage Education Curriculum Sales

  • Digital Academy sold to K-12 / Private Education

  • Schools can run the Moral Courage Project with students

Digital Downloads

  • Free Posters

  • Subscription

  • Digital Product Fundraisers

What’s Next: 12 Founding Partners

[MC] is now recruiting the first 12 partners.

  • Each founding partner is invited based on their history of moral courage.

  • We focus on partners whose mission is to educated and empower youth.

  • We leverage each organization unique discipline, expertise, and distribution.